Lynche's River Park


Leaf: Evergreen, alternate and simple, fragrant smell, spatulate in shape with a tapered base, 3 inches long, 5/8 inch wide, toothed, dark green and waxy-shiny above, pale green below, yellow resin dots on both surfaces.

Flower: Dioecious, both male and female flowers are small (1/2 inch), appearing as catkins in the leaf axils in spring.

Fruit: Round, waxy bluish-white drupes (1/8 inch in diameter), appearing in clusters on short stalks.

Twig: Slender and brittle, covered with brown pubescence, becoming smooth and gray-brown with age.

Bark: Thin and smooth, gray-brown.

Form: Small tree or large shrub, often multi-stemmed and growing in clusters, generally rounded or irregular in shape, with a crooked or twisting bole.

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